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Pigment single layer drying

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Pigment single layer drying


Pigment single-layer drying I. pigment Engineering Overview:

Pigment is the substance that can make an object color. Pigments are soluble and insoluble, inorganic and organic. Inorganic pigments are generally mineral substances. People have known for a long time that inorganic pigments are used to paint and smear the body on the rock wall with colored soil and ore. Organic pigments are generally derived from plants and marine animals, such as Ceylon, gamboge, and the ancient Roman purple extracted from shellfish.

II. Application scope of single-layer belt drying of pigment:

DWT series belt dryer is the second generation belt dryer developed and produced by our company. The main structure of the equipment is to place the heat exchanger on the upper and lower position of the mesh belt. The hot air circulation mode is longitudinal multi unit series circulation, which has the advantages of uniform heating and high heat utilization rate. It can be used for drying flaky, granular and strip materials with good air permeability. It has the advantages of fast drying speed and high evaporation intensity for the materials with high water content and no small particles such as Chinese herbal pieces and some vegetables.

III. application scope of pigment single-layer belt drying:

Advantages: the heat exchanger is placed on the upper and lower positions of the mesh belt for uniform heating and high thermal efficiency. It can be used in series with multiple units to effectively increase the drying area.

Disadvantages: it is not suitable for powder materials easily produced in the drying process.



Changzhou No.2 Drying Equipment Factory Co., Ltd.

Changzhou No.2 Drying Equipment Factory Co., Ltd.

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