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Food engineering

Dehydrating belt dryer for white radish

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Dehydrating belt dryer for white radish


I. overview of white radish project:

White radish, root vegetables, cruciferous radish plants. According to the analysis of nutritionists, the vitality index of white radish is 5.5555, and the disease prevention index is 2.7903. It has been planted for thousands of years and is widely used in the field of diet and traditional Chinese medicine.

II. Overview of belt dryer for white radish dehydration:

Vegetable dehydration dryer is composed of feeder, drying bed, heat exchanger and exhaust fan. When the dryer works, the cold air is heated by the heat exchanger, and the scientific and reasonable circulation mode is adopted to make the hot air flow through the dried materials on the bed surface for uniform heat and mass exchange. The hot air in each unit of the body circulates under the action of the circulation fan, and then the air with low temperature and high humidity is discharged, so as to complete the whole drying process smoothly and efficiently.

Special introduction:

Instructions for dehydrated vegetable dryer (production line)

Dehydrated vegetable dryer is a continuous mesh belt dryer jointly developed by Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and our company for deep processing of agricultural products in 1992. Since the first generation of dw-1.2-10 series was put into operation, our company has been continuously adjusting and improving according to the requirements of different product properties. After 20 years of on-site customer tracking service, upgrading and replacement, the equipment has been one by one. Step perfect. From the first generation of DW hot air external circulation series to the second generation of DWT longitudinal circulation series, to the current DWD lateral internal circulation series, the equipment has formed a basic specification and model series. For example, dwd-2-10 series single-layer single machine or multiple series drying production lines, GWC series multi-layer through flow type mesh belt drying production lines, etc., and further developed and manufactured the pre and post-processing equipment for vegetables and fruits, such as cleaning equipment, packaging machine, etc., which can provide users with the dehydrated vegetable drying production lines in one step. It can avoid many problems, such as the size error, output mismatch and so on, caused by the equipment connection after the multi-party purchase by users. The series production line is widely used for cleaning, packaging, dehydration and drying of all kinds of regional and seasonal vegetables and fruits. After 20 years of production experience, our company has a large number of users and rich practical experience. We can provide practical equipment structure and technical design for different materials, and we believe that we can provide you with satisfactory equipment and services.

Product patent No.: dwt-2-10-3: zl99229732. X gwc-5: zl0021948 1.3

Typical dried foods include cassava, pumpkin, medlar, paclitaxel, carrot, konjac slice, sweet potato, purple sweet potato, red date, eggplant, potato, tomato, cabbage, cabbage, bamboo shoot, bergamot, horseradish, onion, shallot, chive, garlic slice, chili, hard fruit, ginkgo fruit, American Almond, hawthorn, apple, preserved fruit, blueberry, chestnut, tea, Carrot, radish, mint, honeybee, rose, chrysanthemum, lavender, golden pear, kudzu root, almond. , mushroom, mushroom, cauliflower, bamboo leaf, watermelon seed, plum, walnut, yam, lily, shrimp, shrimp skin

Typical drying products of Chinese herbal medicine rhizome net belt dryer: ginseng, yam, danshen tablet, dangshen, astragalus, honeysuckle, plantain grass, Polygonum multiflorum, star anise, donkey hide gelatin, liquorice, ginger, Huangjiang, Wumei, aloe, plantain grass, guangmuxiang, cassia seed, Houttuynia cordata, Luohanguo, walnut kernel, isatis root, sunflower, dog bone skin, evergreen, kapok, etc.

III. project cases:


Changzhou No.2 Drying Equipment Factory Co., Ltd.

Changzhou No.2 Drying Equipment Factory Co., Ltd.

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