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Food engineering

Special belt dryer for chicken essence

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Special belt dryer for chicken essence


I. chicken essence project overview:

Chicken essence is a compound seasoning made of fresh chicken, chicken bone and egg. It can be used in all occasions where monosodium glutamate is used, and the effect can be achieved by adding proper amount to dishes, soups and pasta. Chicken essence contains not only sodium glutamate, but also many kinds of amino acids. It is not only can increase people's appetite, but also can provide a certain amount of nutrition of home condiment. Chicken essence products pay more attention to the taste, so the content of monosodium glutamate is higher; chicken powder focuses on the natural flavor of chicken, so the use of chicken powder is higher.

II. Overview of belt dryer for chicken essence:

Vegetable dehydration dryer is composed of feeder, drying bed, heat exchanger and exhaust fan. When the dryer works, the cold air is heated by the heat exchanger, and the scientific and reasonable circulation mode is adopted to make the hot air flow through the dried materials on the bed surface for uniform heat and mass exchange. The hot air in each unit of the body circulates under the action of the circulation fan, and then the air with low temperature and high humidity is discharged, so as to complete the whole drying process smoothly and efficiently.

III. project cases:


Changzhou No.2 Drying Equipment Factory Co., Ltd.

Changzhou No.2 Drying Equipment Factory Co., Ltd.

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